Dresden Plate Quilt for my Mom

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Well so far so good... I still have parts of quilting I've never done before (like piecing the whole top, deciding 'do I sash...put on point.. what the backing will look like, and borders, not to mention quilting!! ) There's still plenty to freak out about, overcome and be proud of. I'll keep you posted! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Not sure yet... but I'm sure I'll do it the hard way and figure out what advice I'd give if I did it all over again :D

What you will need

  • jelly roll(s) of Tea Cake by Verna Mosquera (one jelly roll gave me 10 blocks of plates). I may have to buy more of the same or something else and spread the two different fabric collections over the quilt

Q&A with mo.sews

NanaJeanFL asked:
This is going to be gorgeous! What a labor of love. Your Mom will be thrilled. Very pretty fabric line. If it were me I'd buy more fabric now. I'm often too thrifty (cheap!) to purchase more up front then end up regretting it when I finally go to use the fabric and don't have enought. More often than not there isn't anymore available - even when I use it right away. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this. Have fun Mo!
mo.sews answered:
Thank you Jean... I know the line is still available, just where to get it eludes me now. So far, after yesterday, I have 5 blocks completed, and 5 more ready to put on background squares. I'm not following a pattern, so I am still surfing the web for ideas for sashing and quilting. Big departure from my black BOM blocks! :D
NanaJeanFL asked:
PS: I never would have thouight to use a Jelly Roll. Neat idea!
mo.sews answered:
Yeah it is... all the fabrics go together, and I just cut 4" lengths of the jelly roll and used the template on them. It goes pretty fast really... so fast I've already gone through one jelly roll (minus a couple striped rolls that had too much white in them). So I'm on the hunt for another jelly roll of the same kind, or something that will compliment the blocks I have already. I know I don't have 20 fabrics in my stash that will work.
Mary F J asked:
Lucky Mom.
mo.sews answered:
Awww thanks Fawn!
lauraneidich@gmail.com asked:
Beautiful! Your Mom is gonna love it!
mo.sews answered:
I certainly hope so! Thanks!
Applekrisp asked:
I'll be your mom...I am a mom....matter of fact I am a grandma...would that count? Lol. So beautiful, like her daughter...your mom will love it, I remember making quilts for my mom...oh I'm crying now...I'm a sap...very sweet to quilt for your mom!
mo.sews answered:
Aww thanks Applekrisp! I'm a grand'mo' too... but geesh, my mom is watching three of her great-grandbabies, and I sure as heck wouldn't be up for that at MY age. She deserves this and a whole lot more! If you have some finishing tips.... I'm all ears!