Dresden Plate Placemats

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I altered the basic templates so the dresden was the correct size for my place setting. I also attached the plate to the backing so that the points were not stuck down. I feel it gives it more of a "petal" look when the points are left free. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Clear thread is a perfect choice for topstitching a project like this.

What you will need

  • 20 printed cotton shades
  • "Linen-Look" Cotton ground material
  • muslin backing
  • clear thread for topstitch
  • sewing thread

Q&A with millie1983

mo.sews asked:
what a great idea! my daughter Raine(beau) would LOVE these!
millie1983 answered:
Thank you, and if you are interested in gift ideas, I am selling them on Etsy (link to the above right). I see you are a quilter though so maybe I just helped to inspire a new project. :)
Pamillia asked:
Wonderful, there are so very many things that you could do with them, all the different holidays, give them as gifts with the peoples initial in the middle, thank you for the wonderful idea. You are very right about leaving the petals loose, it is a special touch that is so pretty. Did you also make your napkins? The colors & fabrics that you chose are perfect. Thank you for sharing. :-)
millie1983 answered:
Thank you, and yes, the napkins are made from the same "linen-look" cotton as the ground material of the placemat. I actually only made one so far because fraying the edges is such a pain and messy. I have material to make more napkins but I just made one for the photo so far. :)
Betty Keith asked:
Hey! This is a really great idea!
millie1983 answered:
Thank you!
Betty Keith asked:
So pretty. Did you make a sandwich and quilt it?
millie1983 answered:
Thank you, Betty! I am not sure I understand what you mean with sandwiching, but I followed many of the instructions from the Dresden BOM instruction video on craftsy. I placed the dresden on the ground material and topstitched around the outer edge leaving the points free. Then I placed the center circle and topstitched that down (with clear thread) using a zig-zag stitch over the outer edge of the circle. To finish the outside edges of the ground material I stitched 7 of the 8 sides (right sides together), clipped the excess seams allowance from the corners, and turned it right side out through the remaining un-sewn side. Then I hand stitched the remaining side closed making sure to keep my stitches hidden. I hope that may have answered your question. :)
LinRupp asked:
Very attractive
millie1983 answered:
Thank you! :)

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