Dresden Plate Design.

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you buy second hand duvet covers to cut up to help with your stash....PLEASE look at them very carefully because they could be well worn and stained.

What you will need

  • Mostly made of a mix of cottons from shirts and bits of material I was just going to throw away. The back ground fabric is one hundred percent nylon of the thick verity which I bought from a mill
  • £2.50p for two and a half meters
  • not bad eh

Q&A with L. Homer

Judy Murphy asked:
Hey L !!! I follow you know......and you are gifted ! Love your creations ! AND because of you I found all the Free Craftsy Quilting classes ! Do you think that if I buy a second machine I can sew twice as fast ? LOL Thanks for sharing all your artwork !!! (for real)
L. Homer answered:
Aaah! Thank you, your so sweet. I`m so happy for you that you found the Craftsy classes. I find them so helpful and it`s just like having a grandma at hand to show me how to do things. Sadly, I don`t think you will be able to sew twice as fast with two machines unless your an octopus. Please post your pictures, I would very much like to see what you are doing.