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Dream Weaver blocks

What was your inspiration? Dream Weaver - class Looking for help - are they too dark?

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dkaym made Dream Weaver blocks with:

Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

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Quick-Strip Paper Piecing

with Peggy Martin

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Dream Weaver - class Looking for help - are they too dark?

Q&A with dkaym

Peggy Martin asked:
I think the question here is: How do YOU feel about them? If you aren't entirely happy with the blocks, then you might want to change some things a bit. Looking at the photos, the values are pretty close, especially in the center block. If you want to have the stars stand out more, you could keep the same background and go with lighter fabrics for the star points (and maybe also do some warm colors to contrast with the cool background fabric) or keep the dark star point fabrics and try a lighter background. Another idea that could be fun - have an area of the quilt where you use these stars, (kind of like disappearing, "phantom" stars) and have the stars get gradually lighter until they stand out a lot more - sort of an "art quilt" approach to your quilt. Just some things to think about...
dkaym answered:
I'm so glad you commented. I tossed and dreamed this all night and came to the same conclusion. I seem to really like graduated color across a quilt and I think I want to take these blocks and add some more and Sailors Delight blocks to make a quilt. I'll be off to the quilt shop this weekend to see what other fabrics I can pull in and get the result I think I want. Thanks for your comments.
steelelady asked:
you want an honest opinion, at least for me, i love them... theres nothing wrong with subtle colors, i think it has a very sofisticated look which certainly goes with the complexity of the pattern itself, it'd look great in my bedroom :)
dkaym answered:
Thank you. I was concerned that the subtle differences of the fabrics would be lost. And in a large piece I think they would be. Using these as the darkest part of a quilt ahd brancing off across or surrounding these with lgraduated lighter colors wil probably look great, and I'm thinking that's what I'll do. I like them too much to scrap them. And I knew when I bought the fabric two years ago (1/2 yd each) I'd use them together, and I had stars in mind, so when Dream Weaver came into my life I knew exactly what fabrics I'd use to start..
A.A. asked:
I like the effect in c, where the darker part of the fabric falls in the centre and there's some contrast to make the points visible.
dkaym answered:
Thank you for your comments. C is my favorite combination too. I'm not much for pinks and I love the tiny play of pinks, green and blues in this piece. Oddly this was the first block I sewed for this project.
Surfside6 asked:
I reviewed all your projects and you certainly are prolific. And color is your specialty, I think. That said, I like this one a lot. And it's different. Very subtle changes,not sure if I like A or B best. Maybe you could use it as a table runner for a few days to really get a handle on it. The only other thought I have is that you seem to have doubts and that is always a red flag. This should make YOU happy. It's a big project. Also, youm ust have to work in daylight to avoid blindness, right? I think it's beautiful. I am so anxious to start Peggy's class. I watched the videos off and on, but just cannot devote the time right now. Keep us posted on your decision!
dkaym answered:
Thanks for your comments. Actually I work mostly at night after I'm home from work.It helps me relax from the day's issues. Sunday afternoons are also spent quilting when possible. My doubts are because of the subtle blending of the fabrics. I'm considering making one quilt that combines the Dream Weaver blocks and a few Saliors Delight blocks. Color I'll probably graduate the color scheme from lights to darks across the quilt, I seem to really like doing that to get variety. Definately will keep everyone posted on the final results.

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