Created by: NLSapp51

Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt

You Can Make This

NLSapp51 made Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt with:

  • Downton Abbey Fabric Line

Q&A with NLSapp51

mbridgew958533 asked:
Well gaveit a good try but I guess I am not good enough to tackle this quilt. Upon asking for help just told to contact other people doing downton abbey. Waste of 100.00 that won't happen again.
NLSapp51 answered:
mbridge, please don't give up. I would be happy to see what I could do to help you out. This is a beautiful quilt and it really did go together fairly quickly.
Catey Can Do asked:
Beautiful! I'm impressed that you finished so quickly. I'm like the little turtle, slow but progressing and becoming more proficient, and enjoying it a lot.
NLSapp51 answered:
I rather surprised myself in how quickly I completed the top.
nanaclark asked:
I bought the fabric &pattern for the downtown abbey mystery quilt but when I tried to print them my printer died! Now I have a new printer but can't find the file to print the directions! Any suggestions?
NLSapp51 answered:
If you have an e-mail address, I could scan the directions and e-mail them to you. Otherwise be sure you check in your library on the left hand side of the page and see if it is in there.
Grace Parks asked:
Working on my quilt and have a question about border 1 and 2. The diamond block has 2 different triangles. What is the placement? Opposite or side by side? The picture is hard for me to see.
NLSapp51 answered:
I saw you found your answer. I'm an educator too and that also caused me a little problem.
vb35302374237 asked:
Down load pattern English medallion quilt
NLSapp51 answered:
If you want me to down load the pattern I will need an e-mail address to send it too. Also I probably won't get it done until the first of February as I am leaving for a conference and will be gone all next week.