Created by: a1angiem

Double Wedding Ring

You Can Make This

a1angiem made Double Wedding Ring with:

The Classic Double Wedding Ring

Online Class

The Classic Double Wedding Ring

with Gail Kessler

Q&A with a1angiem

Amy Alan asked:
That looks like a LOT of work, and it's beautiful!
a1angiem answered:
Oh, wow! Thanks Amy! It was a bit of work but very easy. Gail is a wonderful teacher and designer so she makes it very straight forward. I'm going to keep this one! Lol
QuiltDude asked:
Yeah, no big deal. Just another awesome project from my quilting buddy, Angie. No sweat. LOL This looks great, Angie, and like Amy Alan said, it shows that this was a lot of work, but the final result is, as always for you, AMAZING!!!
a1angiem answered:
Thank you! You are always so encouraging!
griffin2269 asked:
Hi. I just purchased this kit. I am an advanced beginner, so this project is a challenge for me. Yours looks wonderful. Did you use the half melon template? Also, is the template cut on the outside dotted line or the inner solid one. Thanks
a1angiem answered:
Hi! It's a beautiful kit, isn't it?? I used the paper pieced method for making the rings. The arcs are all p.p. and then appliqued with a blanket stitch onto the background. I found this to be a good method for me and I just followed the instructions. I'm sorry I can't help you with the template directions but I'm sure Gail can answer any questions you have! I'm just in the process of quilting my completed king size quilt now!!!
Vicky12 asked:
Absolutely gorgeous!!!
a1angiem answered:
Thank you, Vicky12!