Project Description

What was your inspiration? The Craftsy Block of the Month Club has been so much fun and a wonderful learning experience. I want to thank Craftsy and Amy for letting me be a part of this wonderful and free class. I'm now very much looking forward to joining Amy and many of you next year on Amy's website http://www.stitcherydickorydock.com for the next block of the month club, 'The Sugar Block Club'! I am extremely excited about next years club as I will be making TWO quilts - one in funky dots for me and one in manly plaids for Glen :) If you wanna see, come by and visit us at our wee blog oddcatstitches.com. If you don't want to read me whining and blathering on, I'm going to be posting pictures on flicker as things progress. This has been a wonderful, supportive and inspiring community experience and I want to thank all you guys for sharing all your amazing talent (NOT an exaggeration!) with me :) Jessie

Q&A with Odd Cat Stitch

Pam NZ asked:
Oh Jessie, well done... always knew your quilt was going to be fantastic... and it is! Haven't we learnt heaps this year, and got to chat with an amazing assortment of bods from all over the world.. my world is certainly the richer for this class. It's been an absolute honour and a pleasure sharing this journey with you... see you over at the Sugar Block Club next year! Happy quilting, Pam
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thank you so much Pam and I am so glad you are heading over to the Sugar Block Club as well!!!
Heather Greene asked:
very nice!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thank you Heather Greene!
ndlz1 asked:
Stunning! Great job!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thank you very much ndlz1!
JBlixt asked:
looks great!!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
Thanks JBlixt!
Katfey asked:
Love your quilt - your variations are fabulous!
Odd Cat Stitch answered:
That is very kind of you to say, thank you Katey!