Created by: Debra Quilts

Donation Quilts

Name of Pattern Strip Quilt

You Can Make This

Debra Quilts made Donation Quilts with:

  • 100% cotton fabrics
  • 4oz. poly batting
  • poly LA thread

Project Description

Name of Pattern Strip Quilt

Q&A with Debra Quilts

picturelad asked:
Very nice ! Is this FMQ'ing???
Debra Quilts answered:
Thank you. Pantograph from
picturelad asked:
Are you using a frame or long arm machine. I did see the panto pattern where the pattern is on paper. How easy or hard are they to use?
Debra Quilts answered:
Yes. HQ Avante. 18" machine head. Panto was purchased from She has very easy to follow pantos with partial designs at the starting row which make it much easier to start the row. I have pantos from a few other companies but prefer the pantos by Patricia E. Ritter and company because of their ease of use. Fast mail order service, too. Lining up the panto correctly after the first pass is the trick to getting a uniform appearance to the quilted design.

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