Created by: Karen Fyfe

Disappearing Nine Patch

Name of Pattern Disappearing Nine Patch

Project Description

Name of Pattern Disappearing Nine Patch

Q&A with Karen Fyfe

Pamillia asked:
Great little quilt. I always like how we can change up that pattern. It looks terrific. Great color combination. Thank you for sharing.
Karen Fyfe answered:
Thank you...another baby gift. I wanted to make one that the little guy could use for a few years rather than just as a baby. I went with police cars, fire trucks etc. - you know boys and their trucks!
saxostamper asked:
Oh this is great, I am just doing a disappearing nine patch but I am blocking it different to you. The colours are just brilliant, love this.
Karen Fyfe answered:
This wasn't actually the original plan with this quilt. I used 2 packages of charm squares, but I ended up being short 2 squares for what I wanted to do. I had to re-arrange and add sashing (I've never done sashing before). At first, I just added white sashing, but then decided to add the yellow squares after the fact because I found the plain white just boring. asked:
I like it! And the yellow squares add a lot.
Karen Fyfe answered:
Thank you! I was much happier with it after I added the yellow. A bit of a challenge adding those squares after the sashing was already done though....just picked out the stitching in the area for the squares and cut the sashing to insert them. I always have to do things the hard way! LOL

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