Deep in Thought

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This is my very first pictorial quilt design from a photo taken in 2003. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Jump In - as Wendy would say. Enjoy the ride, you will learn a great deal and be confident to try anything - at least once!

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics
  • thread
  • batting
  • monofilament
  • freezer paper

Q&A with Tandunn

Sheais7725 asked:
This is fantastic! Def conveys mood!
Tandunn answered:
Thank you,
a1angiem asked:
great idea adding the photo to the label (i do that too!)...your quilt is amazing! i'm considering this course - inspired by your great work...not confident i can do it, but hopeful! tfs... Angie
Tandunn answered:
You will be fine, I had never done anything like this before. It has helped me try other things I would never dream of.
a1angiem asked:
(sorry) P.S. I haven't had much luck with monofilament thread in my machine so I hope I can get it to work since I know Wendy uses it a lot...hope there are tips for that! Did you have any trouble?
Tandunn answered:
Wendy covers the thread very well. It's all in the tension. My first piece which was the class project was a trial but it was a god learning curve. If you made a sample piece and experiment on that before you will find you can play around with your tension and that will help. I didn't do that - too impatient. But this one was better. Doing this course gave me my first attempt at the free motion foot and that was a huge learning experience - Oh boy! I feel very confident with it now. Just relax and have fun.
Wendy Butler Berns asked:
So glad to see how you interpreted your own design... love the contemplative feel of the piece!
Tandunn answered:
Thank you Wendy, I loved your class.

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