Deco Gears

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I really like the movement this layout and the quilting designs create. I've posted a free pattern here on Craftsy for anyone who's interested.

What you will need

  • Besides quilting cottons
  • I incorporated some of my collection of silk tie fabric into the inner spikes of the New York Beauty blocks.

Q&A with Barb Westfall

Ann Petersen asked:
Wow! Gorgeous piece - love the design and the quilting really makes it sing!
Barb Westfall answered:
Thanks, Ann. I expected the red thread to stand out more distinctly on the blue center area. It's actually pretty subtle. I think this must be related to color value ... more to learn!
KChristine asked:
wow. this is so wonderful, on so many levels. I liked it before I saw the closeup of the quilting -- then I loved it! it brings tears to my eyes, so gorgeous
Barb Westfall answered:
It's fun to see what others are stitching. I really like your black and white New York beauty piece. Happy stitching!
Bev McClarren asked:
Beautiful. Love everything about it.
Barb Westfall answered:
Thanks Bev and happy stitching in all your projects!
hawaan4744289 asked:
do you back your silks before you piece to give it more body ?
Barb Westfall answered:
Yes, I back them with a very light weight fusible interfacing. I'm currently using a sheer weight knit interfacing and having good success. It doesn't seem to add any bulk which I like since this is an English paper piecing project which I am hand stitching. Silk is great but needs to be managed since it frays so easily. Best of luck as you work with it.