Day 3 Science Friday Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? While I practice quilt shapes/designs, I know full well I'll need to start putting some thought into "start and stop" positions--to eliminate unnecessary traveling on my next quilt. Right now, there's lots of traveling--but it's a practice quilt, right? I'm troubled by the ocaasional pokie--which are the colorful but unwanted unraveling threads showing up in the ivory blocks between the batting and the quilt top. Have you had this trouble? I'd appreciate hearing your suggestions. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Two more rows to go and I'll be done quilting the Science Friday Queen Quilt. What color would you choose for the binding? Ivory, black, green, or yellow.

What you will need

  • Here is Day 3 work on the Science Friday Queen Size Quilt. (45 blocks) plus a border. I used a variety of cotton fabrics-- featuring a very yellow science symbol themed cotton.

Q&A with Shoestring asked:
grey for the binding hahaha. not a choice, but boy howdy would i have loved to see the whole quilt and perhaps it was posted somewhere else, but from these few pictures, it sure did leave me wanting more, and more. your practice is wonderful and gives me confidence to jump in and get started!
Shoestring answered:
The whole quilt photo is on my first post for Science Friday Quilt. I'll post the whole quilt again by this weekend. Hope to be done with it by then.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
More delights from Day 3! What astounding "practice"! You blow my mind, Shoestring! And you make me hungry. Waffles, indeed! I still haven't had breakfast. I'll be having yogurt and fruit. Wonder how you'd turn that into a block. Go, Shoestring, go!! Almost done, now.
Shoestring answered:
Hi 2 strings. Yogurt and fruit sounds terrific for breakfast. Thanks for you comment about all the Science Friday quilt blocks practice. I should finish the SF quilt today. I have a pastel chevron quilt in my head, and another idea for a navy batik quilt with sparkles!
crafttopia asked:
I love Science Friday and I love your quilting.
Shoestring answered:
Crafttopia--thanks for taking the time to drop me a note. The Science Friday quilt will go into the East bedroom of our Victorian House. The former bedroom of Ragnhild Bertine Quien , a previous owner. She was a college professor, and I have many photographs of her, as well as her briefcase with initials RBQ. I have some letters she wrote to her brother Peter, and a few notebooks dated 1908 where she wrote extensively about physical exercise. She was a modern woman..
Jennifer Thomas asked:
Your quilting is gorgeous! What kind of machine are you using?
Shoestring answered:
Hi Jennifer. I have a Babylock Crown Jewel. It has an 18 inch throat, allowing me plenty of room to quilt beyond these 11" blocks. I love this machine. It steers perfectly on the carriage. Prior to buying the Babylock long arm Crown Jewel, I visited 5 shops, asked questions, saw demonstrations, got to try them out. Babylock was the best machine for me. I was able to get fluid in the steering--busting the learning curve down to just a couple of days. Currently I'm running Stitch Regulator at 11 stitches per inch on the Cruise setting, and size 16 or 18 needles specifically made for long arm quilting.
RachieLee asked:
Love your quilting. All booboos are meant to be :) I have and experience with the pokies you speak of and I usually clip them as I see them, without tugging of course and then I will do one more clip session after the quilt is washed. I think if you have more of that bright green paisley you should use that for the binding. I'm very partial to paisley though.
Shoestring answered:
Hi there RachieLee. Thanks for your encouraging words--soothing to hear after making lots of boo-boos. Will I like this quilt as much after I wash it the first time? I sure quilted the heck out of it.