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Dancing Quill

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Q&A with wagner.f2400343

kleedy asked:
Looks great I hope I can get mine completed as quickly as you have. Any tips on construction or did it go together pretty easy?
wagner.f2400343 answered:
it did go together pretty well. I followed someones suggestion and sewed the small triangles into large ones, then sewed the rows horizontally. Now for the quilting part !!!
kareneull1674546 asked:
Looks beautiful and you're right, no one will see any layout "mistakes."
wagner.f2400343 answered:
thank you !
ValoriWells asked:
YAY!!! your amazing to already have that quilt done! BRAVO!!
wagner.f2400343 answered:
thanks! And I wanted to thank you for this project. I know there were a few bumps in the beginning, but it really is a beautiful quilt and I love it. I liked having the community here, and yourself, to answer questions and give suggestions! Great fun!
t-shirt rag qlt asked:
since I just received my material is it possible to see pattern details somewhere?
wagner.f2400343 answered:
I think the pattern is back up again now, although there still seems to be some confusion about the sizes. I used the original sizes..4-1/2 inch strips and it worked out fine. But larger ones would give you a bit of "wiggle room" so would be ok as well. Good is a beautiful quilt once you get it together!
kareneull1674546 asked:
Hi, I'm also done piecing my rows and have sewn the first six together. I've discovered that my decisions re: pressing left something to be desired as I now have multiple thicknesses in many places, especially where 5 points come together. I ended up pressing the row seams open to avoid any further bunching. Wondered if you had a method for deciding how to press your seams that worked better than my rather random approach? I'll likely use this pattern in the future and would like to do a better job of it! Thanks.
wagner.f2400343 answered:
I must admit that I am pretty random with the pressing too. I usually press toward the darker fabric, but then when I am sewing them together I will sometimes switch them to make them nest better. I will occasionally snip the seam near the point sew that I can press it to the side that works best. I have also pressed some open when it works better. Sorry there is no easy answer !


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