Dancer's Memory Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The client called me Christmas morning to tell me that her niece was in tears! She loved the quilt! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take your time! Each costume has special requirements.

What you will need

  • Saved dance costumes
  • flannel blocks

Q&A with BobbiSpain

marilyn teague asked:
I love this! i made a memory quilt for my youngest daughter, with all her many sports t-shirts (she is 25) for Christmas and she loved it. Both my daughters have numerous dance costumes, so this idea is really exciting. I need information: did she deconstruct each costume, if so, how, oe r did she sew whole a few whole costumes/ Please reply.
BobbiSpain answered:
The first thing I did was take the tutu off of each costume if it had one. Then I cut the side seams to separate the front from the back of the costume. I used only the front of the costume in each block. The leftover material from the back of the costumes was used to make the center block...I needed this block because I was working with 8 costumes, and needed to make the quilt a 3x3 layout. Using just the front of the costumes made the quilt much less bulky.
Pfowler asked:
I need to do one with cheerleading uniforms. Any suggestions?
BobbiSpain answered:
Take them apart, and get down to one layer of fabric. Usually the material is pretty substantial, but if it is too thick it will be difficult to sew through! Ball point needles are great for sewing any stretchy knit fabrics, and they will help you so much here as well!
hcnkc10083657 asked:
How big are the squares? What material was used to sew costumes onto and what kind of backing did you use?
BobbiSpain answered:
I made the squares about 12" wide. I like to work with flannel, so I used flannel for the background squares.