Crazy Squares Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Triangles were always hard for me to get just right. So when i saw that this quilt had the help of special tools to make it turn out, i knew i had to try. and to my amazement, it did!

What you will need

Q&A with Roxz

quincyswi848188 asked:
What a great job with the triangles! They meet up so well... I still have trouble with them.
Roxz answered:
oh thankyou! i will dig up the tools i used and let everyone know how easy it really was. :)
Butterflyatryin asked:
Just beautiful. Nice workmanship and color selection.
Roxz answered:
Thankyou! the colors came from a large selection of scrape fabric i had. the green fabric was a tough choice for me so i had family members vote. they picked a winner
Deena asked:
any luck in finding out the name of this pattern? Or the tools you used to make it - I would liek to try this one...
Roxz answered:
yes, i have not found the book, but i will tell you the blocks, sizes and i shalal post a full picture to show the layout.
nabil_ner961479 asked:
i need those patterns how much shall i pay please??
Roxz answered:
this is an easy quilt.. only looks difficult. i would be happy to get you the pattern, i shall sit down and write it out.
Evelynquilts asked:
Love this quilt...thanks for sharing...
Roxz answered:

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