Crazy Quilt Pillow IV

Project Description

What are you most proud of? For this pillow I added some silk flowers and enjoyed the process. I also added a little black spider which turned out fine. This pillow is a gift to join pillow II on small white chairs and that one has a web but no spider. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I had to adjust the size of the pillow form as the final pillow was larger than a 14" and smaller than a 16". I just took out the stuffing of a 16" form, sewed the seams a little smaller, re-stuffed it and it is fine. So my advice is to make the initial squares larger than 8" if you want a 16" pillow in the end. Also, if I were to make this again I would stick to small silk flowers like the pinks ones because the white silk flowers will get squished when people sit on the chair and use the pillow for support.

What you will need

  • Basic sewing and quilting materials. Also
  • 4mm silk ribbon. 14" pillow form

Q&A with Marie Withrow

BittyGirl asked:
OMG! I love it! It's very pretty. I really need to get started on my own project!! You inspire me!
Marie Withrow answered:
Thank you! I really enjoyed this course and the embroidery aspect.
Allie Aller asked:
Just lovely, Marie! Every time we make a new project, we learn more and have more fun too!
Marie Withrow answered:
That is so true - it was fun to try the flowers and your instructions were so easy to follow - just love your course and crazy quilting. By the way, I followed up on your suggestion and had my old crazy quilt appraised. While it had some value, it was not so much that I would want to leave it as is. The appraiser suggested I cover the torn parts to keep the value, however, I'd rather bring it back to life and display it than "preserve" it. Your class is all I need to get started - thanks again!!