Crafty BOM 2013 june

Q&A with Budsmam

Siodach asked:
Love the spinning effect achieved by the colour selections :-)
Budsmam answered:
I was pleased with thwt too
olmphoto2 asked:
Yes, great movement created here! :)
Budsmam answered:
Very kind of you to comment
TerryChase asked:
Oh my! Stunning.
Budsmam answered:
Thank you!
lannaok@yahoo.com asked:
I too love the spinning effect, very creative, You surely are not a newbie, like myself. !
Budsmam answered:
Thank you, been sewing for 7 years, still consider myself a learner, probably always will :-)
NanaJeanFL asked:
Very cool effect! Love your fabric choices :D
Budsmam answered:
Thank you!