Couching Fiber, Quilted Detail

What you will need

  • Navy Blue Cotton Quilting Fabric
  • Fusible Fleece
  • Wonder-Under
  • Variegated Thread
  • Metallic Thread
  • Top Stitching Thread
  • Thrift Store Yarns for couching
  • Thrift Store Embroidery Floss for Couching and Embroidery
  • Hot-Fix crystals
  • Nylon Cord. Finished Dimensions: 15" wide x 21" high

Q&A with renodiva

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
Very nice! I love your use of variegated thread against the navy background. Using a solid background allows for fun free motion stitching!
renodiva answered:
Thanks. This was a little challenging for me to machine quilt. I changed machines a couple time to find one that worked better for me. I had some top thread looping on the back (tension problems I have yet to figure out. I decided to leave it as the front looked good. A little Fray Check on the back should should lock the stitching I hope. I have been looking at the completed projects and am so happy they are there to learn from each other and for inspiration. Cheers, Daine