Created by: TANYA MUNRO

Cosmetic Bag QAYG

You Can Make This

TANYA MUNRO made Cosmetic Bag QAYG with:

Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags

Online Class

Quilt-As-You-Go Patchwork Bags

with Tara Rebman


Tara Rebman asked:
So cute! Love the old car fabric!
TANYA MUNRO answered:
Thank you Tara again for your class!:)
dollycaswell asked:
WOW, well done, your fabric choices are marvelous!
TANYA MUNRO answered:
Thank you) some of the fabric was actually old curtain )
elisabeth975 asked:
Super cute! Love the colour combination and the fabrics. Great job! How much width do you have between the seams? When I tried the QAYG on a bag fabric a few weeks ago my seams seemed to be to close wich made the seams stand out more than the fabric you have managed to bring out the fabric and its colours using the seams - looks really great!
TANYA MUNRO answered:
Thank you! The width btw the seems is abt 1 sm. Also im using neutral kinda milky beige color of thread - may be that helped as well?
Cathie W asked:
Cute bag!
TANYA MUNRO answered:
Thanks a lot!
Jan R asked:
TANYA MUNRO answered:
Thank you