Coneflower Pictorial Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am happy I got through all the steps involved in making this project. I conquered my 'fear & dread' of monofilament thread and had great success! I also enjoyed free-motion quilting on this smaller project (vs. a bed quilt) and I had a lot of control of my stitches! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch the entire class before beginning, look at the projects people have posted, read the questions and Wendy's answers, and relax! I also used what I had and didn't buy any new fabric. It was a bit of a challenge getting it to work with what little fabric stash I have but I'm happy with the final result seeing as it was my first attempt at anything like this. I had a very difficult time getting the gold metallic thread onto my quilt top but I love the way it looks in the end! Have fun with this learning process and don't worry about perfection. Take it as an opportunity to play and experiment, try new things, techniques, and supplies. I'm still struggling with mitred corners and machine binding but will keep practicing! :) Thanks, Wendy! Lots of fun! I can't wait to find my own photos for inspiration!

Q&A with a1angiem

Meredith K asked:
Looks fantastic & your stash is beautiful! I've never used poly batting - what did you think of it? Did you like the outcome on a wall hanging? I'm in the class & getting ready to start my project, can't wait! Thanks for advice! :)
a1angiem answered:
It's been a while now but I think I DID like the poly batting for this. i don't know if i'd use it for a bed quilt but it gave a very nice puffy texture to the art piece. i have it hanging in my workshop. have fun with the project!!!! And thanks!

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