Computer Plan of Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Being able to do this kind of computer planning at age 73. :-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Learn a good photo-editing program first. Then scan each fabric just once since the computer will let you copy, cut, and paste as often as you want. Make sure your computer has the RAM needed to handle very large jpg files.

What you will need

  • This is a computer design of my quilt which I've displayed in my projects called For Anjella's Mom.

Q&A with TerryChase

quilt-a-lot asked:
This is beautiful. Hope the finished quilt is as pleasing. Planning it on the computer sounds like a good idea. - would love to see a pic.
TerryChase answered:
The actual quilt is listed in my projects. The colors are more intense in the actual, but except that I sewed one orange block in the wrong place, it's identiacal.
Starling425 asked:
You might want to consider buying EQ 7 which does what you wanted to do here. You can scan the fabric in and then play with it and it already has a lot of fabrics built in for you to try out. But even without the program, this is just an amazing effort.
TerryChase answered:
Only problem is what EQ7 costs. Isn't it hundreds of $$$$? Thank you for the compliment. I've been doing all my quilts this way.
janderson1471443064 asked:
Is this a pattern I can purchase?
TerryChase answered:
Not necessary. It's one of those quilt as you go. I designed the variation. Send me an email and I'll write out he directions for you.