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Cloth Dyeing folded technique

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I am quilter made Cloth Dyeing folded technique with:

The Art of Cloth Dyeing

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The Art of Cloth Dyeing

with Jane Dunnewold

  • Cotton Broadcloth MX dye Turquoise 410 and Brilliant Blue 4224 (1/2 tsp each)

Q&A with I am quilter

Jane Dunnewold asked:
I am quilter answered:
Appreciate you taking a look!
Bevcald asked:
I love how the right hand side looks almost like faces on a totem pole. Really nice...waiting for my dyes to come in so I can play and join the crowd with examples.
I am quilter answered:
This is super easy and fun. The only change I made was to purchase some plastic containers that look like the old ketchup and mustard containers. Available at GSF, they are see through and I just had to put my finger over the spout and shake! I was afraid of having dye in plastic cups that could spill all over! Good luck i'll be looking for your work. judy
ozone asked:
you achieved such great patterning! if you don't mind could you tell me, did you mix the dye colour yourself, or is it a purchased mixed colour?
I am quilter answered:
It was turquoise 410 1/2 tsp mixed with Brilliant Blue 4224 1/2 tsp. Thanks for the nice comment!

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Get your first class for only $14.99