Civil War Quilt top

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What are you most proud of? Finishing!!! Actually, I'm trying to decide if I want to add another border or not. I think it is just the right size to go on the back of my sofa without adding a 5 inch border....Need to think about this a little bit.

Q&A with LynnHyman

theoldcrow asked:
Oh wow! I knew it was gonna be awesome. And it is! The colors are so beautiful! You spray baste your quilt layers?
LynnHyman answered:
I haven't ever tried spray basting. I'm thinking about hand-quilting this one because I haven't done that in a while.
theoldcrow asked:
I had to take a minute to make that very same decision. I went with another border. I kinda liked it without that outside border. But I also think I was kinda just spending time with my quilt admiring. lol
LynnHyman answered:
Yeah, I've spent some time admiring too. But I also can't decide on a color for the outer border. I'm gonna just leave it on the wall a little while and see if any inspiration strikes. :)
SandiePink asked:
It looks SO GOOD!!!! (I BEST get busy! - just SO many other things going on!) I think that KAYE'S class is going to be 'one of the best' as far as teaching goes AND the resulting quilt each of us are going to have out of it. Good work! I'm Proud of you! :-)
LynnHyman answered:
Thanks. The connector pieces took almost as much time as the blocks! But in the end, it was worth it. This was a great class. Kinda sad for it to be over. This has been my favorite class.
desna asked:
Wow!!! this is wonderful and your fabric is just so gorgeous... I have this class but have not been able to start it as yet. But I cant wait now that I have seen yours:)
LynnHyman answered:
Thanks. This class has been my favorite and the quilt was a lot of fun.

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