circles cushion

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Being able to make items for others and seeing how pleased they are to receive their quilts/items. I would like to sell this cushion in aid of a charity but feel I need to make other items to showcase what I can make.

What you will need

  • home-dyed cottons using snow dyeing method. Pre-soak fabric in soda solution for at least 20 minutes. Place the damp
  • scrunched up fabric into a cat-litter tray or in an old colander inside a large container. Mix 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp of Procion MX dye powder with a little tepid water and top this up to 350mls in an old jug. Collect some snow in a plastic container and using the jug as an implement
  • pour the dye over the snow and mix the dye as evenly as possible. Then pile the snow to about 1 inch thickness onto the fabric. Allow the snow to melt; I left my tray in the garage. Don't throw the snow-melt away as you can use it to dye other fabric. Bring the snow-dyed fabric up to room temperature before washing it. Rinse the fabric in cold water and wash in hot soapy water. Allow to dry and then iron it. To use the snow-melt add 100mls of salt solution and 100mls of soda solution to dye further fabric. You can mix two colours to dye with the snow - amazing results!

Q&A with Annick Cottom

LaVerne57 asked:
Very nice. I have never heard of snow dyeing fabric. It turned out great !
Annick Cottom answered:
I could email or post the recipe here on craftsy for you. Really easy to do but darn cold whilst collecting the snow!
LaVerne57 asked:
Thanks, That would be great ! I would love to try it. I may have to wait untill next year , We have not had but maybe 2-3 inches if snow all winter !!! Thats crazy for us. Usally by now I'm screaming for spring.
Annick Cottom answered:
I have put the snow-resist dye method under the materials section. I'm glad that our snow has gone - it stops me from cycling! My other passion.

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