Chunky Chevron Jean Quilt Top

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I wanted to do something special for my Father-in-law, he loves it! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Doing this all jean is very difficult, if your up for a good beating this is the right project. I would have enjoyed this more if I mixed in some cotton fabrics. Just keep sewing!

What you will need

  • Old jeans
  • I needed more white then what I had so I used bleach on a few pair.

Q&A with AngieSue

mo.sews asked:
Impressive! ...lol at "beat up" I can only imagine!
AngieSue answered:
Thank you mo.sews, Im glad you liked it.
sistertammie asked:
Now this is what this block is intended for, not just one block in a quilt, it doesnt look good only one, I chose not to use it. But I absolutely love it like this. great job
AngieSue answered:
Thank you Tammie! I have to agree it looks great as a quilt.
sistertammie asked:
how impressive that you bleached a few.
AngieSue answered:
It was really easy and I cleaned my tub at the same time. I just through them in splashed on some bleach and let them sit until they were the color I wanted them.
Homeheart asked:
I love how this looks. Your father-in-law has something very special from you.
AngieSue answered:
Thank you homeheart!
JessiBerry asked:
My husband has a ton of old hole-y work jeans which no longer fit that I was using to patch up his current jeans. But with all the left overs, this is a great idea! Cute, fun (as difficult as it may have been), and impressive! :)
AngieSue answered:
It was fun, every once in a while I get a pair of jeans and I just know they had to be someones favorite pair. They are patched and holes with hand stitching, I wonder if they had a hard time sending them to a second hand shop.

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