Chunky Chevron Jean Quilt Block

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Lines are matching up this time:) What advice would you give someone starting this project? This block is a little hard to work with in jeans, there is a lot of bulk under the seams. If I were to do this again I would cut a bigger block or try some cotton blocks within the jean.

What you will need

  • Old Jeans and some bleach.

Q&A with AngieSue

speedyqltr asked:
WOW..............I like this. This is something I would try doing just to challenge myself even further! (and inevitably make things way harder than they need to be, lol) I like it though! It would be interesting to see a whole bunch of these done together and see what sort of secondary pattern they create. Great job :)
AngieSue answered:
I am going to do a quilt with just this block, I will post a pic when its done. I am all into making things harder, I just can't let things be the easy way.
speedyqltr asked:
where do you get your coloured denim from?
AngieSue answered:
I used old jeans, I think there are a total of 15 for this quit. I needed more white for this block, So I bleached several pair.
ndlz1 asked:
How do you handle your 'nerves'? I was ready to be 'taken away' w/ just the plain ol' block fr. this month! Great job resulted from your hands. Well done!
AngieSue answered:
Thank you ndlz1, as odd as it sounds I really like the smell of the iron on cotton fabric and the roar of my machines engine, its calming... maybe when I am 20 blocks in I will sing another tune but for now (when I have time) I really love the challenge of theses blocks.
SueGancoss asked:
Very Nice. I did a log cabin quilt for my brother and mixed scrap material with the denim.
AngieSue answered:
Thanks Sue, I am planning on a log cabin next with pockets for the center block. I am still deciding if I want to make it wonky.
sistertammie asked:
Angie, could you post a pic of the whole block? I love your fabric choice.
AngieSue answered:
Tammie, I just finished the quilt top you can see the hole pic on my project page. There is only a small crop on this image to the 1/4" seam line, hope this helps you visualize this block.