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What are you most proud of? Be able to try and adapt to a quilt that is really out of character for me. I am liking it the mor I see of it. My husband loves the colors so since it is for him I figure it should be ok.

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Ladybev asked:
I think this quilt will be dynamite. It fits in with my home so I guess that's why I especially like it. I transferred my 4 blocks to the website today as individuals, like most people did. I took out the 2 double ones. It's taken me hours to get the method down but finally figured it out. Oh my gosh - it was so frustrating. The discussion board is also frustrating. It makes me feel like I never used a computer. Not! Oh well, as they say, "Deal with it!" I enjoy the block making and that's what it's all about. ;-)
gmatloff answered:
I know what you mean it will get easier. Thanks for looking at my blocks. I am really starting to like the colors. Just happy my husband likes it because it is for him. I think tomorrow I am going to start a black red and white. I am going to use a black background I think. I will do one with a black background and then a white background. What color do you think will look the best?
mellonpat2204938 asked:
I too am a somewhat less than computer savvy. But I love this site.
gmatloff answered:
Yep me too....it is really the yes site I think around.
Ladybev asked:
The black background blocks on this site really do look sharp but if I were you I'd make one with the white background.. I know you have another series of blocks on here with white, so it does make it hard to decided. I think the " navy blue"? will contrast better with the white, for sure. It will definitely have a patriot tone, and that's a good thing. Plus your "man quilt" has been keeping you in the dark! Time for a refreshing change. ;-) I'm making the Eleanor Burns "Day & Night" quilt right now. She used White, black & red accent (gorgeous look). I'm using navy, light blue & a dark coral/red accent. Really enjoying that and the one I'm making for BOM is the first quilt I ever made with a white background. ooooohhhh
gmatloff answered:
Well I started with the black and I think I am really going to like it....so still not really sure. I will post when I get the asterisks done so you can take a look. Thanks I bet the one you are working on is going to be gorgeous.
Ladybev asked:
Would love to see them. This "Day & Night" quilt is a lap quilt but more labor intencive than others I've made. Has a star effect when (4) 6 1/2" blocks put together for the block. Are you familiar with it. Eleanor Burns does a video on it that you can watch on QIAD media. Its in 3100 series. Her large border & binding are black, so I bet it would resemble yours.
gmatloff answered:
Yes I have the book from Eleanor Burns I am someday going to make that quilt. I love her stuff. I've made several log cabin in a day quilt and have loved them all. Yes I've made the star effect before and it is beautiful....can't wait to see yours when it is finished.
Damsel asked:
Really like the civil war fabrics!
gmatloff answered:
Thank you so much.

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