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Q&A with Louise Brogan

innerwave asked:
Awsome portrait! Must mean a lot to you! Thanks for sharing.
Louise Brogan answered:
Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, Innerwave, this is my younger son. His older brother, Richie, passed away in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. They were very close. This is portrait that I did for him... I wanted to title it "Half of Me is Missing"... I tried to capture how he is feeling in his expression.
innerwave asked:
Knowing that story now I see this Portrait in a more understanding way. The echo seems to represent the lost one. And the serious expression in the look of the left behind brother. A very touching piece of Art - and very brave of you to express his and maybe your own feelings. For your loss my heartfelt sympathy ...
Louise Brogan answered:
Thank you for seeing ...and for your kind words if sympathy