Christmas Sampler

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I really love the added details and the 3-dimensional additions. The little wreaths here and there, the red star button on top of the tree, ribbons and bow, and, though it doesn't show in these photos, Santa's beard is carefully worked in little embroidered loops. It was also entirely hand quilted. I spent so many hours on this, and I still love looking at it as it hangs it on the wall every December.

Q&A with 2strings

Renate Maria asked:
how wonderful, will try to make one
2strings answered:
Oh, what a wonderful compliment! I hope you have as much fun with this is I did.
AWESOME! ~ ~ ~ Do I need to say more?
2strings answered:
Thanks, daughter. I do appreciate all of the support you give to this old mom!
Pamillia asked:
I have to agree with everyone ... This quilt is terrific. Your choices were perfect. I really enjoy your three dimensional additions. The hand quilting tops it off. Thank you for sharing.
2strings answered:
Thank you so much.
aussie quilter asked:
Well done, I love your quilt.
2strings answered:
Thank you. When I look at your work, though, I am awstruck.
aussie quilter asked:
How lucky we are to have this site, it enables us to be inspired by others fabulous work. I'd love to make your xmas quilt...............Hugs Jackie
2strings answered:
And you would do wonders with it! I agree about this site. It feels like we are all good friends sharing our ideas and encouraging each other to do excel.