Christmas projects

Project Description

What are you most proud of? all done after work, and only took a week! What advice would you give someone starting this project? have fun and sing Christmas carols while you work.

What you will need

  • all sorts of fabric and quilty stuff!

Q&A with Wazoo Sue

K Lee 2Strings asked:
That's been an extremely busy week! Congrats on getting so many gorgeous gifts together so quickly. I did the fleecy throws for grandchildren last year and they were a huge hit and are used constantly.
Wazoo Sue answered:
Boy, I'm glad to hear that! I hope they like them. So soft...
Darns asked:
I need to know what kind of vitamins you take! I feel like such a slacker! These are just wonderful! I love the BQ2 (I just finished piecing BQ3) - now I have to do BQ2! It's wonderful that all these people are getting these great quilts. Merry Christmas!
Wazoo Sue answered:
Thanks, Darns. Dear hubby surprised me with a new car today for Christmas!! Now I have to find some time to take it for a spin. Merry Christmas to you, too.
Pam NZ asked:
Only took a week? Hells bells girl, don't you ever sleep??? Love em all but would hate to be YOUR sewing machine LOL. Next?
Wazoo Sue answered:
I really haven't slept much as of late. I still have to make cookies and pack all this stuff to send. Everything will be arriving after Christmas, but I don't care at this point!!
Barbism asked:
Hey Sue, the gift for "new friends"... should I send you my address?
Wazoo Sue answered:
ha ha ha :o)
quilt-a-lot asked:
Lucky friends - you are a 'machine' - hope you get some time to relax over Christmas (but then isn't quilting relaxation?). The butterfly quilting is lovely - it's good to see you putting all this great knowledge into action. Look forward to you next 'post'. Have a wonderful Christmas. best wishes, Judith
Wazoo Sue answered:
Thanks! All are sent to their new homes and I am ready to get my own quilts ready for our guild show!!