Christmas Angel

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Getting this far without ruining the whole thing. However, I've decided to post a picture of the unifinished project because I'm so afraid of spoiling it with the next steps. As the angel is holding a sort of banner and there are scrolls on either side, the picture's crying out for some words to be written on it. I'm toying with "Peace", "Christmas 2012" and other things as yet and haven't made up my mind. Whatever I decide on, I shall have to write the words with a permanent marker since, although my sewing machine has a couple of alphabets, I don't trust myself to sew the words on neatly enough. Also, I have some fabric medium but it was very difficult to find it here in the UK and it might not be the right stuff. I shall try it out on scrap material before jumping in with both feet (like a daredevil!!!!) When I first coloured the angel, it was with ordinary Derwent coloured pencils (local stockists don't seem to have heard of Permacolor) and it looked rather faded and a bit like a child's drawing. I already had a set of Derwent watercolour pencils, so tried them without much more success until I wetted them. After that the colours came out far more strongly. I just hope they won't bleed when I apply the fabric medium. I only did a little quilting in the background and it would have been better done in gold metallic thread, but my original idea was to do a sort of sky effect with clouds for which I bought the blue thread, but I couldn't get it right. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be a daredevil and jump right in! If it's a disaster (and Lola will tell you that there are NO mistakes) it won't matter as this isn't an expensive hobby (unlike patchwork and quilting!) and you can always have another go. It would be as well to see that your machine has an open-toe foot as I found it very difficult to keep on the lines when quilting with mine, which although it's transparent plastic, isn't an open toe which was a bit frustrating. The angel's face was difficult to sew, being rather small and intricate, and she came out looking a bit grim! Once coloured though, the discrepancies didn't show up nearly as much. Thread Art is a really satisfying craft and I think my Christmas Angel is going to be the first of many projects, even if I ruin her completely with the lettering and finishing. If I finish it successfully, I'll post a picture of it again (but don't hold your breath!)!

What you will need

  • Cotton fat quarter; Thermore batting
  • which is thin and made specifically for quilted clothing; Sharpie permanent marker; black polyester thread; blue cotton quilting thread; Derwent coloured pencils; Derwent watercolour pencils; fat quarter cotton backing fabric with Christmassy pattern.

Q&A with patz in suffolk

Ladymax asked:
Your project is great. Your small details are awesome. I know what you mean about the fabric medium. This was difficult to get in Toronto. I tried it on a scrap piece and it bled a lover, so I just leave my projects alone.
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you for that comment - I'm interested to read about your adventure with the fabric medium and I shall be even more careful!
Susan in CA asked:
Your project looks great! I got an open-toe foot in the middle of doing my project, and it made a world of difference for the remainder of it. My darning foot was clear and closed, probably similar to yours, and I just couldn't stand not being able to see where I was going. For the fabric medium, here it's a medium used to thin acrylic paint and made it more-or-less permanent and not stiff on fabric. Since these are wall hangings, what might also work could be something like a spray fixative for colored pencil work. I haven't tried that, I just know it works on paper to "fix" colored pencil drawings. Or since you used watercolor pencils, you might check your local art store to see what's used to "fix" watercolor pencil art on paper.
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you for your advice. The fabric medium I have is the consistency of Greek yoghurt and I think it's used for mixing with acrylic paint or for screen printing. I've had a little try-out on some scrap fabric and it looks as though it isn't going to bleed. However, I shall wait until tomorrow (it's evening here now, and dark) to apply it in daylight, when I can see properly. I've just noticed, on the label it's called "fabric binder/medium", which gives a clue to what it does!
Lola Jenkins asked:
Well ladies I am first sorry to hear that you cannot find fabric medium. You can purchase it on-line. Your project looks good. You have done a great job to date. You just need to continue. Take your time and go ...go...go..you will do fine.
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, Lola - I intend to take my courage in both hands and be a dare-devil, just like you! I'll post a picture of the finished project if it comes out all right - otherwise I shall start a new project!
Caraline2 asked:
well done, suggest that you set your colours, by either steam pressing it, or perhaps a damp tea towel. others might have a better suggestion. I assume that you have the backing already on, for to have quilted it. if you are careful you could embroider the letters on, and peace 2012 or 13 as its fast approaching. let us know how you get on. I find the damp tea towel or cloth works well to set fabric, I did a table cloth which i have never finished by the way. but painted it all in ordinary paints, then pressed it from both sides once the paint was dry, have washed it many times in the idea to finish it, as its traveled to oz and back got a bit grubby.....now theres an idea must finish it, now i have some quilting skills under my belt, I might just do that. see what you have done....heheheheheheheheheh
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you very much for your advice. I tried the fabric medium today that I bought at a craft-type fair in London recently, and it seems to be the right stuff as the colours haven't bled, much to my relief, and have come up a bit brighter. I'm still vascillating about the lettering. Would love to see your painted tablecloth - it sounds interesting!
marianna2011 asked:
She'll be absolutely beautiful when done - I have started a fire fairy and an earth fairy that are stitched out but not colored yet.... They are part of my winter project for Arizona. I can't wait to see your Christmas Angel when she's done! I would definitely embroider the year on it - as it would be a reminder of the year she was created!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, and I look forward to seeing your angels too. I will probably put the year on, but I'm not too sure about embroidering it because it's already quilted and I don't think it will be very easy. I'll probably have to resort to permanent marker, but may get a coloured one, rather than a black one. I've tried a gold one on a piece of scrap material, but it was a disaster!

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