Charm Pack tote

You Can Make This

Pasew made Charm Pack tote with:

  • 100 per cent charm pack

Q&A with Pasew

cmeares asked:
Adorable! Really love the color choices. Good job!
Pasew answered:
Thank you for the complement. That was a gift for my granddaughter at her graduation with a T-shirt quilt tucked inside.
sew4grands asked:
Love the bright colors of your tote.
Pasew answered:
Thank you. The tote was made from the Missouri quilt companies you tube on making 3 totes from 1 charm square but I made it larger than the demo. Not sure of the size since I made it for the T-shirt quilt I made my granddaughter to fit. Probably about 20 x 14 - 16. Never wrote down the measurements but she loves it.