Created by: kathyfae

Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt

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kathyfae made Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt with:

Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt

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Chain of Stars Mystery Quilt

with Kimberly Einmo

Q&A with kathyfae

Jim Franz asked:
Hi Kathy, I really like your fabrics and I'm just finishing up this quilt. You are going to love the design. My suggestion is that, with these fabrics, I would consider changing the order and swap #6 with #4. In other words, your orange fabric would be number 6. The reason is that there are places where #5 and #6 are right next to each other and you really need high contrast for the pattern to really "pop" for a better word. You might want to ask Kimberly for her opinion. You're going to be very pleased when it all goes together. Good Luck!
kathyfae answered:
Jim, Thanks for the hint. I will switch 4 and 6! I am excited to get going but have not had the chance yet!