Chain Block - BOM

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I have now done curves & that they don't look to bad. Now, on to the next creation. What will this curved block turn out to be ? Looking at this block, it sort of looks like (from corner to corner) grass - flowers - buds of flowers & the sun. I have a very active imagination. :-) What advice would you give someone starting this project? I feel that it would be so much easyer if you got the templates. I had a lot more control with the cutting. This is the first curved block I have made since I have been quilting. They really helped me. But, most of all .....ENJOY THE TRIP.

What you will need

  • All cottons & Marti Michell's templates

Q&A with Pamillia

befney asked:
well done and yes it was easier with the templates
Pamillia answered:
I am starting on my next block. I really like how they are all turning out, everyones blocks are so very different. I like the way the curves look, but not all the pinning.
Darns asked:
pretty, pretty - can't wait to see all the blocks together
Pamillia answered:
Thank you so much for the kind comments. Yes, it will be a smash to see all of our quilts completed. :-)
soma1773 asked:
I love it! I am always amazed by your sharp corners! I also love your interpretation...grass, flowers, buds and the sun...beautiful!!
Pamillia answered:
Thank you soma, it just looks that way to me. You are so very kind with your lovely comments. :-)
Pam NZ asked:
I thoroughly enjoyed my walk in your garden! Its so pretty... well done you! Can't wait to see the next one.
Pamillia answered:
The next one is way out in left feild. I had to go down & get a cup of tea, sooo, I checked my email. I am glad that you enjoyed your walk & thank you for the really lovely comments. :-)
ANZAB asked:
That turned out really lovely!
Pamillia answered:
Thank you so very much.

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