Created by: Caraline2

cathedral windows

Q&A with Caraline2

patz in suffolk asked:
This is lovely, Caraline - I've had a try at cathedral windows, but can't get the joins between the blocks neat enough. Well done - it's beautiful!
Caraline2 answered:
Thanks Pat, I had troubles too. I am trying another one doing it all via the machine this time, not sure how it will turn out. so if you see a white & Pink mess, then that its, or perhaps not I might be too ashamed to show it. The worst bit for me was all the folding pressing and folding again. I basted all my outside edges of the 8in square before I did anything else. For it wouldnt sit still for me. This one sits on my table and Im pretty pleased with it. If you were to have another go or finish it, you could put a button between the joins and no one will ever know. Just a thought.