Cassandra's quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That my list of quilts to make for my grandmother's offspring is getting slowly smaller! I am the only sewer, so decided to carry on her tradition - should have made the list first - there's 32 of them!! I am most proud that I CAN carry on this tradition of giving each child/adult a handmade quilt. In the past year, as well as working two jobs and having knee surgery, I have managed to make 18 quilt tops, four completely finished. As long as they quit having babies, I might catch up!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Go ahead and use up all those interesting scraps, they look awesome when all put together. Oh, and I am taking a poll - as to which layout catches your eye better. I was surprised by the reactions of co-workers, as opposed to which one I like!

What you will need

  • Grab bag fabric scraps from a tent sale

Q&A with hobbyhorse

Tandunn asked:
I love this, although you say it is scraps the colours blend beautifully. I have read your "how I got started" you are a character! Sure you are not an Aussie? 32 grand and great grand children??? Wow! I am waiting for my boys to get a girlfriend! Good luck with the rest of the quilts, with all those kids I am surprised that there isn't a sewer amongst them!
hobbyhorse answered:
French/Norwegian! But have always wanted to go to Australia!! We are a prolific bunch - my grandmother only had three kids, but they each had five! She managed to make most of us a quilt of some sort, and my oldest son was the only great-grandchild she got to meet, so he also got one. He is 35 and still has it :) When I have some time, I will post pics of the ones that I have done so far, it's been a real journey into quilting history, as I want to create some that have some 'roots'