Carl's Courthouse Steps

You Can Make This

hipocket made Carl's Courthouse Steps with:

  • Men's outdated neckties
  • ivory silk for the light contrast color
  • polyester batting

Q&A with hipocket

befney asked:
wow love the ties recycle! this is awesome. Did you have to stablise materials first then cut out? As most ties are cut on the bias I wondered.
hipocket answered:
For the most part, I did not have to stabilize when cutting the ties if I was just careful and didn't get in a hurry. I only cut one thickness at a time. When I cut the silk, I pinned two layers together and taped it to my cutting mat to keep it from being too wiggly to cut straight.
befney asked:
I am making a similar quilt with a jelly roll so love the pattern
hipocket answered:
Its a good pattern for jelly rolls.