carftsy BOM quilt part 3

Q&A with Wazoo Sue

banjolady asked:
Wow! Now that is FANCY!
Wazoo Sue answered:
Thanks. I'm putting it in my quilt guild show.
Kzooquilter asked:
I really like your choices of quilting patterns. Nice job!
Wazoo Sue answered:
thank you!
patz in suffolk asked:
There used to be a song called "I Can Sing a Rainbow" and this reminds me of it - you've quilted a rainbow, Sue!
Wazoo Sue answered:
How sweet of you! I haven't heard the song, but it sounds like a good one.
DonaleeK asked:
This is really beautiful!
Wazoo Sue answered:
thank you.
TerryChase asked:
OMG. Gorgeous.
Wazoo Sue answered: