Cardinals table runner

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The thread stitching of the pine needles

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • the white has sparkle to it reminiscent to snow glistening.

Q&A with Wendy Lee

rosekilla2840637 asked:
Is there a pattern for this please?
Wendy Lee answered:
No pattern, just free hand cut the limbs anyway you like. Thread paint the greenery. I did find online the silhouette of the bird and printed it, then used it as my pattern to cut my birds out. I would flip the pattern so the birds were facing a different direction on a few.the beaks and eye I used a permanent black fabric marker. The white fabric is the sparkle white you find around Christmas. It looks like snow glistening. Cut whatever shape you want. I happen to like different shapes rather than rectangle. Good luck and show me yours!
rosekilla2840637 asked:
Thanks so much Wendy. It will be a while before I show you as I'm just starting to learn how to quilt. Thanks so much.
Wendy Lee answered:
You're welcome!!