Candy Dish, Kim Diehl pattern

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How wonderfully flat Cindy's ESS technique makes this quilt lay and top seams disappear What advice would you give someone starting this project? Figure out what you want in your outside border first . . . I pulled mine out 5 x's and I still don't like this but I had "had it" by then!

What you will need

  • Scrap quilting cottons

Q&A with Beardie Lover

Deb Cavanaugh asked:
Pickles said it so well, it is charming. You obviously have really really good control of your machine. I am so impressed
Beardie Lover answered:
All done with a walking foot -- not my free motion work . . . yet ;o] Thanks to both for the compliments!
Cindy Needham asked:
I LOVE the movement you've created with all the geometric lines in the middle and love your color choices. GREAT job!!! :)
Beardie Lover answered:
Cindy -- I BELIEVE in ESS !!! What a huge difference it makes! I can't take credit for the "movement" the geometric quilting gave this piece -- it's what Kim Diehl suggests in the pattern. Color is random! Wish I would have washed out the markings before I posted it!!! Oh well!
carolyn.l791354 asked:
Great movement in this quilt by placing the x inside each piece.
Beardie Lover answered:
All thanks to Kim Diehl and how she quilted hers!
desna asked:
I love your border quilting it looks so even and pretty. Did you use your walking foot for it too?
Beardie Lover answered:
I did use the walking foot for the border! and the border papers you can buy that press on to the quilt . . .

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