Can Still add more

What you will need

  • cloth
  • beads
  • crushed rock
  • grommet
  • cording
  • threads
  • embroidery stitches

Q&A with Lets do it

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
This is an amazing piece! I thought you were in my Stitch & Slash class rather than Stupendous Stitching since you combined all these techniques so beautifully!
Lets do it answered:
Thank you. I was hoping to plan ahead in design so I could add the material 'under' the cording - But then it would be spontaneous would it?! LOL
Mary Ed asked:
Wow!! Amazing piece - the imagination and talent of the people on this site never cease to amaze me!
Lets do it answered:
Thank you very much
Shoestring asked:
Wow! This is an art piece that keeps the eye moving. I love it! Congratulations on your first piece. Can't wait to see your next one. Please share more.
Lets do it answered:
Well thank you. I have so many ideas I must slow myself down and start one! LOL

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