Calypso with Feathers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It's done! My confidence is growing that I will be able to continue working on all the tops I have accumulated. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid of making mistakes, no matter how disheartening the mistake may be. I was upset at the mess I made of the fusible batting. I know now it is something I will never attempt again. I do like the puffiness of the batting so may use the remnants in smaller projects. I suggest testing before stitching on the project. I had some issues with my machine that I was able to catch. When I tried changing thread and no testing I ran into troubles. It quickly taught me to work on a sample! I used my trick of putting painter's tape on the end of the Monopoly every time I started or finished a row. I love the thread ... I simply can't see it! Take it slowly whether it is one feather at a time or only 4" ditch quilting. Focus on the process even when it's not that enjoyable. Each part of the process taught me something. I can now build on what I learned as I go on to my next project.

What you will need

  • Batik fabric
  • fusible batting
  • Superior Monopoly thread
  • Bottom Line thread

Q&A with Joanna Strohn

Tiamat asked:
Beautiful color choices! Anne's class is a real confidence builder. I've done things after taking her class that I never would have had the courage to do otherwise.
Joanna Strohn answered:
I agree! I'd take a class from her if she quilted the phone book!
Oma2EZE asked:
Your fabric selection is beautiful. Love these colors!
Joanna Strohn answered:
This was a kit. My contribution was choosing the borders.
Cindy Needham asked:
Beautiful!!! Congratulations and my hat is off to you for sticking with it and getting it done. Love the beautiful fabrics. :)
Joanna Strohn answered:
Thank you, Cindy. I am trying to apply your lessons and continue growing. I have another ESS project where I may need to do my ditch quilting FMQ.
holthanlon asked:
Nice colors and I APPRECIATE your sharing your story on the quilting.
Joanna Strohn answered:
Thank you! Comes from having taught quilting and writing instructions. I like to know the why behind the what.
Kaydebee asked:
I love your colors. The quilt is wonderful . I have learned to not be upset at mistakes. Sometimes they are better than the original plan.
Joanna Strohn answered:
I agree. Mistakes can be better. In this case they weren't better, they were simply learnings I can apply in the future!

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