Calla Lily

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? This class was very enjoyable. It is well presented, so much so that I think anyone following the instructions could achieve wonderful results. I watched the videos first, then practiced a little. When I was ready to begin the actual project I was able to watch, pause, re-watch if necessary and simply follow along step by step. Even though I did not have the exact same materials as our instructor, I feel that this came out quite well.

What you will need

  • Seta-Colour Transparent paint mixed with Golden Glazing liquid on fabric
  • fusible web
  • bamboo batting

Q&A with jillquilts

Lesley Wood asked:
I love this. I have just signed up to this course and your comments about it are very comforting to me. I hope I have the same success
jillquilts answered:
I am so glad...I honestly found this to be a fantastic course, Annette is a fabulous instructor. wishing you sucess and enjoyment!
NellyJane asked:
This is a beautiful piece of work, congratulations. I'm not a huge fan of quilting but if it can create results like this I may well think again.
jillquilts answered:
Well the painting is just a way to add even more interest to quilted pieces. I LOVE quilting :-) Everyone has something they will enjoy doing...you just have to try until you find it
Pieceful1 asked:
WOW!!Love it!!!! so serene.
jillquilts answered:
Thank you so very much it was great FUN!!!!
Carol in Al asked:
This is incredible. Do you have a background in painting? I am so impressed that I want to start mine today. Carol
jillquilts answered:
Thank you so much....no I do not have a background in painting, I do try to play with paints from time to time but this is the first "class" I have taken. Annette is an AWESOME instructor......watch the lesson csrefully...follow along and you will have great sucess too I am sure.
J.L. asked:
Stunning !
jillquilts answered:
thank you.......it was SO much fun......LOVED this class

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