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What are you most proud of? I think I'm pretty proud of most of it. The quilting isn't perfect, I do still need to work on that but I' getting better.

Q&A with gmhnQuilts

Bliksem1 asked:
Penny, great job. I have been wanting to do the same thing. But my Dog is all black with brown dots over his eyes, just can't find a way to make the eyes show. Keep up the good job. Becky
gmhnQuilts answered:
Thanks so much! Good luck with yours and have fun!
snuggles21344237 asked:
This is so cool. I would love to try it.
gmhnQuilts answered:
ltdermdvm asked:
Excellent job :) Love it!!!!
gmhnQuilts answered:
Thank you :)
K Lee 2Strings asked:
Beautiful rendition of the photograph! Very lovely quilt. Looks like a sweet pooch.
gmhnQuilts answered:
Thank you!!
NanaJeanFL asked:
Aweee! Cute pic. Wonderful work! Well done!!
gmhnQuilts answered:
Thank you!

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