broken spider web in progress

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Using traditional quilting fabrics in a modern sort of way. Usually when a quilt is made of these types of fabrics there is a very exact pattern with all corners matching up. No matching anything up here. Just starting with a light strip and finishing with a dark on each piece. I love the way the spider webs are coming together now. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I found that when I sew my first piece of fabric on the line I need to make it a full quarter inch. I was getting used to sewing everything in a scant quarter inch as Amy taught. If a scant quarter inch is done here the tips of the triangles are too close to the edge and once the blocks are sewn together the tips will not be sharp.

What you will need

  • I am using a bunch of scraps that a friend of mine gave me. She gave me a whole box of little scraps which is great. I can use even the smallest of scraps when I get down to the corners.

Q&A with gloria_friesen

NanaJeanFL asked:
I love how this is coming together. Very pretty. How big do you plan to go? Can't wait to see the whole quilt!
gloria_friesen answered:
Thanks, I think I'll do 16 blocks. I think it would look nice as a square quilt.
Merrypal asked:
Your idea to start with dark end with light really works. You learn something new everyday! Your work here is very nice. Thanks for sharing.
gloria_friesen answered:
I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the positive feedback.
sis313 asked:
I loved the strip piecing too and just started saving strips for a quilt! Great idea with the dark and light--really works! Plus, love the octagons that become so dominant! Very, very cool! I will be "borrowing" this idea :-)
gloria_friesen answered:
Thanks for the positive feedback!
desna asked:
Wow! this is gorgeous this block makes a fab quilt:)
gloria_friesen answered:
Spleefox asked:
Ooh, so pretty. I love this pattern -- I'm working on one with bright red as a background. Maybe I'll sew some of my blocks together and post!
gloria_friesen answered:
Thanks! I'd like to see yours! I bet the red looks fabulous!

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