Bright Chain Stars Crib Quilt

Q&A with SSimpson

Linloe asked:
nice and colorfull
SSimpson answered:
om3bod4 asked:
Wow! Knock on wood
SSimpson answered:
I had fun doing this, my first mystery quilt. You never know if it will go together well or not, but based on the advance clues it did.
Flower Applique asked:
So cute. I have the class and have not started and I know what the finished quilt will look like!
SSimpson answered:
Can't tell if you are glad or sad. Someone else posted their finished quilt before I got started. By the way, I made several quilts from this pattern. Mine was still a surprise with my own fabrics and colors. Thanks for reminding me how much I like it. I need to make another baby quilt soon.