Breast Cancer Awareness rag quilt

What are you most proud of? My survivor family members.

You Can Make This

towodi made Breast Cancer Awareness rag quilt with:

  • 100% cotton flannel

Project Description

What are you most proud of? My survivor family members.

Q&A with towodi

Betsy0 asked:
Those pinks all together make it looks so sweet and i know rag quilts are cuddly.
towodi answered:
Thanks so much!
Patshepa asked:
where did you get that fabric with the little tiny flowers as I have been looking for that for a long ttime. My oldest daughter used to have a quilt that she carried around when she was a baby & I wanted to make one for her when she has kids. It would be so special
towodi answered:
I've had that fabric for awhile -- it came from JoAnns. I did a major stock-up on it and have some for sale at JoAnns may still have some too.
diditodie1716995 asked:
I am a breast cancer survivor{twice} & would dearly love to make this beautiful quilt. I have been searching for breast cancer flannels but can"t find any. Can you help ?
towodi answered:
These particular fabrics were from some time ago. However, I did recently see more at JoAnn's. That was about a month or so ago and they went quickly.
carlassmi0 asked:
towodi answered:
It's a basic rag quilt. I have used cottons and they also work. I've never tried a cotton blend. asked:
What size are the blocks? Did you use batting inbetween?
towodi answered:
The squares were 6" and I did put batting in between them.

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