Breast Cancer Awareness Mug Rug

Project Description

What was your inspiration? A friend of mine just celebrated 5 years of being cancer free! Even though I don't see her often, she is always in my thoughts. I created this mug rug with her in mind. So many of us have been touched by the "C" word. I wanted to create something whimsical and uplifting to show my moral support to all those women and their families who so bravely battle breast cancer everyday.

What you will need

  • Small amounts of fabric
  • batting and fusible web.

Q&A with Lisa_Marie.

anabooboo asked:
Lisa_Marie. answered:
Thank you anabooboo. I'd like to get more information on your fundraiser. Would you be willing to email me the details? My email is
Nature asked:
Every year we have a walk for breast cancer awareness. I would like a copy of this patern so we could sell it to make money for cancer awareness. People could buy one of these for there girlfriends like yours that have combatted breast cancer. Thank you in advance Lisa Marie. Looking forward to hearing from you. I am willing to pay for the patern. Thanks Joanne
Lisa_Marie. answered:
Hi Nature! Contact me at and I will give you information on using this pattern for a fundraiser.
anabooboo asked:
Hi lisa Marie Last weekend some of my friends fund raiser for Breast Cancer Awareness, we had a band and raffles , And lots of donations And Next year I would love to donate several of these for the cause.
Lisa_Marie. answered:
Thank you anabooboo. I sent you an email today.
Kris1764 asked:
Hi Lisa Marie, your mug rug is beautiful. I'm planning on walking the 3 day breast cancer run in Tampa next October and was looking for a craft I can do to raise funds. May I get a copy of your pattern. My mom is also a survivor of BC, so this cause touches me directly. While I live in Florida now...I'm a native of Long island as well! Thanks, Kris
Lisa_Marie. answered:
Hi Kris! Thank you. This pattern means a lot to me too. Too many of our family and friends have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am happy to hear that your mom is a survivor! For this pattern, if requested, I will grant permission to sell the items you make from the pattern and/or templates for fundraising purposes only. The patterns and templates may not be copied, shared or sold. I respectfully request, that in your packaging of the items you plan to sell that have been made from this pattern and/or templates for fundraising purposes credit for the patterns/templates be given to Crafting with Lisa Marie. I wish you great success with your fundraising efforts. Please remember to post a photo of your finished projects and of your fundraising events to share with the Craftsy community. We would love to see them!
Redhouse asked:
Lisa, thanks for creating the pattern. My office has Pink N Silly Day in October for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am thinking of making these for my coworkers. I need 20 of them, think I can do it? Not sure the guys will know what to do with them but, they will most likely give the to the women in there lives.
Lisa_Marie. answered:
Yes! You can definitely do it!!!! What a sweet and generous thing to do for your coworkers. I think the men will get a kick out of it too. Please let me know how it all turns out and share your photos with us here on Craftsy. We'd love to see them!!!

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