What are you most proud of? I AM WORKING ON FIX MY DISORDERED STASH

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What are you most proud of? I AM WORKING ON FIX MY DISORDERED STASH

Q&A with LILI

vikingbro68362 asked:
Love this pattern and the colours are great. I a going to try and do it in knitted patches and copy your colours as near as possible.
LILI answered:
Thankyou very much, at the end i named it jades and amethists (not sure of the spelling), I selected scraps of greens and violet/purples.
douga11441 asked:
would appreciate the pattern for this quilt. How is it obtained?
LILI answered:
I took it from the book: Cut the scraps from Joan Ford, but it is a classical pattern Jewel box, I have it too in Encyclopedia of Classic Quilt patterns under the name :Jewels in my flower garden, it is really not difficult you just have to pay attention in the arrangement
Ronda Quilts asked:
I love the scrappy look.
LILI answered:
Thankyou, they are just scraps from my stash, xmast and many more...
60 and sassy asked:
love the colors!
LILI answered:
Thankyou so much
Wendy Butler Berns asked:
wonderful to see your finished piece... great to see the quilting you chose in the background...
LILI answered:
Thankyou Wendy, your class really helped me a lot