Bow Ties from shirts

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I had a stock of men's shirts from thrift stores that were left over from another quilt. I wanted to use some of them up and get them out of my 'stash'. (to make room for more) This was the perfect quilt pattern to use. The boy tie pattern is masculine, and the plaids and shirtings are crisp and clean looking. The quilt is machine quilted and has a polyester batting (which I have had around for years). I much prefer cotton batting, but this quilt was about using up 'stuff' I had on hand.

What you will need

  • Men's shirts
  • polyester batting
  • woven plaid cotton homespun

Q&A with dottyeb

Ptubbs asked:
I love this quilt. My six year old grandson has been asking me to make him a quilt. I had the idea of using shirts from all the granddads, his daddy and other men in his life who are helping him grow up to become a man. I have only been waiting to find the " just right " pattern. I am going to machine embroider all their names and on the back put an appropriate bible verse. I will expand the size of the quilt so he can use it till he grows up. Thank you so much for this wonderful inspiration quilt idea !!
dottyeb answered:
Thank you so much for your kind complimnts. It is an easy quilt to make and looks so sharp and 'snappy' when quilted. Good luck on your project. Would love to see the finished project!!
Mart41 asked:
How about a bow tie quilt from ties?
dottyeb answered:
Sounds like a great idea. Ties are usually made from "silky" or silk fabrics and also cut on the biad. They would require stabilizing and the straight grain would need to be ascertained before cutying.

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